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pyTigerGraph is a Python package for connecting to TigerGraph databases.

Getting Started

To download pyTigerGraph, simply run: pip3 install pyTigerGraph Once the package installs, you can import it and instantiate a connection to your database:

import pyTigerGraph as tg

conn = tg.TigerGraphConnection(host="<hostname>", graphname="<graph_name>", username="<username>", password="<password>", apiToken="<api_token>")

If your database is not using the standard ports (or they are mapped), you can use the following arguments to specify those: - restppPort (default 9000): REST++ API port - gsPort (default: 14240): GraphStudio port

For example, in case of using a local virtual machine with the ports mapped:

conn = tg.TigerGraphConnection(host="localhost", restppPort=25900, gsPort=25240, graphname="MyGraph", username="tigergraph", password="tigergraph", apiToken="2aa016d747ede9gg6da3drslm98srfoj")

For more details on establishing a connection, read the Getting Started page.

Example Projects


pyTigerGraph was originally created by Parker Erickson, a Computer Science student at the University of Minnesota. Special thanks to contributors Jon Herke and Szilard Barany of TigerGraph. Read this to learn more about how you can contribute.